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Top 10 Essential BigCommerce apps to Boost Your Online Store

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BigCommerce is a renowned platform in the e-commerce world that doesn’t need any special introduction. It offers several features and tools to help companies grow their online presence and sales. But do you want to make your BigCommerce store unbeatable? The secret sauce is BigCommerce apps.

Yes! There are countless applications on the BigCommerce App marketplace that can take your store to the next level. You can find thousands of apps made by BigCommerce and even third-party developers that you can seamlessly install into your store to enhance its functionality.

This comprehensive guide takes you through 10 such BigCommerce apps that are absolutely essential to upgrading your online store!

What is a BigCommerce App?

BigCommerce is a powerful platform for building and managing e-commerce stores. BigCommerce apps equip your store with additional features and functionalities to make this task much more efficient.

The BigCommerce App store consists of thousands of apps developed by third-party developers that help merchants elevate their store performance and deliver memorable customer experiences.

We have listed the top 10 BigCommerce apps to allow a frictionless operation for your eCommerce store. The list combines free and paid apps to choose the perfect app for your requirements.

1. Mailchimp

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Do you know that email marketing is one of the best marketing techniques to capture a large audience share? There are many BigCommerce apps for email marketing, but Mailchimp stands head and shoulders above the competition!

It is a popular email management app that collects your customers’ emails and sends targeted email campaigns to drive conversions.

Mailchimp is an all-in-one email marketing platform for e-commerce merchants looking to expand their customer base and increase revenue. Other features of this BigCommerce subscription app include:

  • Analyzing the customer’s past buying habits and letting you forecast the probability of them making a repeat purchase.
  • Retargeting your ads repeatedly in front of your customers whenever they log in to their social media channels.
  • Allowing you to categorize your audience into tags and segments through Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. Thus, you get access to enough data instantaneously and make informed decisions.

Pricing: Free and Paid plans are available.

2. ShipStation

BigCommerce Apps

ShipStation is a standout app in the BigCommerce app marketplace that helps streamline A-Z of the shipping process for merchants. What’s commendable about the app is it scales up along with the business.

One of the most feature-rich BigCommerce apps, ShipStation integrates with over 200 shopping carts, marketplaces, multiple Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and inventory platforms, and other e-commerce tools, making scaling up smooth and quick.

The BigCommerce subscription app allows merchants to customize packing slips and tracking pages and send thank-you messages to customers. Some of the features of ShipStation are listed below:

  • Import orders from multiple selling channels and handle them in a single place.
  • Get premier discounted rates on shipping partners, such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.
  • Intuitive interface that is simple to use.

Pricing: Paid App. 60-day Free trial available.

3. Klaviyo

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Klaviyo is considered one of the best BigCommerce apps in the marketing platforms in the industry. It is an email and SMS communication marketing software that lets you connect with your prospects and customers in a personalized manner.

The tool offers complete control over customer data and interactions so that professional transactions transform into meaningful relationships. Some notable features of this BigCommerce subscription app are:

  • The app allows 100+ pre-built integrations with shipping solutions, reward programs, etc.
  • Automate personalized email and SMS messages, leading to better customer engagement and higher sales.
  • The tool offers predictive analysis of churn risk and customer lifetime value dashboards, helping you focus on business growth.

While these apps are great for many tasks, a custom BigCommerce app development company can help you build tailor-made solutions for your business needs.

Pricing: Paid.

4. QuickBooks Online

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It is one of the best BigCommerce apps that helps merchants handle all accounting-related tasks in a straightforward manner. QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based software integrating over 700 business applications to run finances. Some of the app’s features include:

  • Expense tracking, tax preparation, filing taxes, payroll management, creating custom reports, tracking sales tax, bank reconciliation, etc.
  • Sending invoices directly to the customers’ mobiles and tracking mileage for tax deductions.
  • The tool supports several countries, including Australia, the United States, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, and India.

Once you integrate the app into your BigCommerce store, it automatically syncs your orders, products, customers, taxes, and all the relevant information from your store and displays them in the app.

If you’ve been scouring the BigCommerce app marketplace for a tool to streamline your finances, QuickBooks is where your search ends.

Pricing: Paid.

5. Buy Buttons

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The Buy Buttons app on the BigCommerce app store allows you to embed products on external websites, blogs, or social media channels and thus enhance your product visibility online.

Published by BigCommerce itself, the Buy Buttons app seamlessly integrates with your BigCommerce store and allows you to customize the buy button according to your brand color and logo design.

The Buy Buttons is one of the most important BigCommerce apps for your store, It is mobile-responsive, ensuring a smooth browsing experience for customers on different devices. Check out some of its features:

  • Embed single products or the entire product collections on external sites.
  • Premium users can connect Google Analytics to the app and quickly track the views and conversions from the Buy Button.
  • The automatic synchronization of the Buy Button with your BigCommerce store prevents overselling or duplicating your products and lets you effectively manage inventory.
  • Anytime you want to update your product details or pricing, you can update it in your BigCommerce store, and the changes get automatically reflected in the Buy Buttons embedded everywhere.

Price: Free.

6. Katana

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Katana is a cloud-based BigCommerce manufacturing app designed to help businesses handle their manufacturing processes efficiently. The app features include job scheduling, production planning, and inventory management.

Katana is available on the BigCommerce app marketplace and allows various integrations, including Xero and Quickbooks online, so you can easily carry out multiple functionalities with a single app.

  • For the merchants, Katana offers integrations for CRM, shipping, accounting and reporting, and analytics.
  • Get access to many features to assist in inventory and production processes, including real-time inventory management, real-time master planning, end-to-end traceability, multi-location support, omnichannel order management, outsourced manufacturing, etc.
  • Get all your BigCommerce app store management needs fulfilled. With an intuitive user interface, seamless integrations, and easy-to-use characteristics, Katana becomes the right choice for manufacturers in the small and medium business sectors.

Price: Paid. 14-day free trial.

7. Zendesk


Zendesk is one of the most popular BigCommerce apps in the customer service domain. It offers tons of features to manage customer service operations efficiently. Its features include ticketing, live chat, knowledge base, self-service, etc.

Zendesk is an established brand in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) domain even outside the BigCommerce app store ecosystem. The app stores the history of customer’s orders such that you can get a brief overview of their purchase history, support requests, and communication preferences.

Create customized macros for common customer issues and help your customer service representatives quickly resolve the tickets without having to type the same response multiple times.

Price: Paid.

8. PayPal

how to create app in bigcommerce

You may have the best products to sell. But no customer can buy your product without a good payment processor. PayPal is the world’s most widely used payment processing for domestic & international transactions, with over 400 million active users worldwide. And yes, it has a special place among BigCommerce apps.

The PayPal platform is used in 200 countries worldwide and supports over 25 currencies. Thus, it becomes a go-to payment processor for merchants who want to provide a seamless payment experience for their customers and increase their global reach.

BigCommerce offers native integration with PayPal, unlocking useful features like the following:

  • Most people use PayPal globally. Thus, it is easy for the sellers to accept payments from domestic and international customers.
  • Merchants can generate invoices through the app and request customer money.
  • It supports credit card, debit card payments, and bank transfers.
  • It protects your customers’ data and lets you conduct secure transactions anytime.

Price: Free to install on the BigCommerce app store. But the app charges on a transaction basis.

9. Store Locator by Space48

Store Locator by Space48

A store locator BigCommerce subscription app helps users find the nearest location of their physical store. With the Store Locator by Space48, you can add images, opening hours, and contact information about your store and help nearby users identify it easily.

The best feature of this app is allowing customers to search for your store using address autocompletion or geolocation and then filter the locations using tags. Other app features include

  • Making bulk edits quickly using import/export options.
  • You can customize the map’s look using multiple themes and colors.

Price: Paid. 14-day free trial available.

10. Feedonomics


If you want to enhance the omnichannel presence of your store, Feedonomics is one of the must-have BigCommerce apps. Feedonomics is a popular product and data feed management solution that allows you (merchants) to optimize, distribute and manage the digital listings of your products across multiple selling channels.

The tool allows merchants to utilize omnichannel growth by streamlining the processes of data optimization, product listing specific to each channel, and order synchronization across different marketing channels. Believe us, Feedonomics is one of the most useful apps on the BigCommerce app marketplace.

Feedonomics offers 24/7 full-service feed management solutions for users through its impressive automation technology. As a result, a dedicated team of specialists is always there to support you through the process while you expand your business. Other features include:

  • Feedonomic for advertising to help merchants optimize product listing on hundreds of paid search channels, social media, and other affiliate channels.
  • Merchants can set pricing and inventory rules differently for each channel.
  • You can automatically resolve any errors on the product feed to maximize the uptime and avoid customer disapprovals.
  • Quickly import source data from anywhere. The result is enhanced search rankings and conversion rates with lower operational costs.
  • Increase your Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) from search engines, ads, and social channels using the feedonomics and capture more customers on the marketplace.

Price: Free. With paid plans available.

The Bottom Line

Your online store’s success depends not only on the products or services you offer but also on the BigCommerce apps that you use to streamline your operations. These tools help you vastly improve your customer experience and ultimately sales.

The BigCommerce app store has plenty of options for your business. These top 10 essential apps discussed in the blog would definitely help you transform your e-commerce venture for the better.

Still, if you find yourself overwhelmed with options or need expert guidance, reach out to Cronix, with 13 years of experience in the e-commerce landscape, our team of veteran developers and e-commerce mavericks offer bespoke BigCommerce app development services.

Let’s talk about taking your BigCommerce store to unprecedented levels. Connect with us today!