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BigCommerce Updates: Staying Up-to-Date with New Features

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When it comes to choosing an ecommerce platform, BigCommerce has always been at the forefront with innovative features & escalated customer experiences. That is why you will often come across regular BigCommerce updates.

BigCommerce’s capabilities & affordable pricing plans make it suitable for any business. Also, large enterprise businesses can benefit more from the robust technical capabilities of Bigcommerce. 

With customizable storefronts, technical functionalities & advanced marketing & analytics tools, BigCommerce emerges as a single-stop solution for businesses looking to dominate the digital marketplace.

However, it can seem difficult to keep tabs on a slew of BigCommerce features regularly rolled out by the platform.

But fret not. In this article, we share some of the most important and recent BigCommerce updates.

We will also discuss some practical tips for staying up-to-date with the platform’s latest features.

Dynamics Of E-commerce

E-commerce has a dynamic landscape. Technological advancements, changing consumer behaviors, & market fluctuations directly impact it. Today, millions of consumers are switching to ecommerce shopping due to the convenience it offers for merchants and buyers. 

In this domain, BigCommerce update products have created opportunities for retailers to set up businesses and sell products online. As a result, the market is evolving every day & the competition is growing fierce. 

Staying ahead of the curve is necessary for merchants to connect with the right target audience & navigate the market dynamics.  

BigCommerce is a highly capable eCommerce platform. Furthermore, it offers cutting-edge features for all pricing plans, enabling users to develop functional ecommerce stores & stay ahead of competitors.   

With unlimited bandwidth, 99.99% uptime, hundreds of paid themes, multi-selling options & comprehensive checkout, BigCommerce features help retailers create aesthetically appealing ecommerce stores & stand out in the fierce competition. 

Without further ado, let us learn some of the latest BigCommece updates & new features.

BigCommerce New Features & Updates

1. BigCommerce Stencil Update

The Stencil themes of BigCommerce are designed to support businesses across different industries by incorporating the latest best practices in technology, design, SEO & other factors.  

The Stencil themes enable merchants to build custom storefronts using fully responsive templates. Interestingly, the stencil themes are fully optimized for various catalog sizes, verticals, & content across all digital devices. 

To ensure optimal website performance, you (the merchants) must stay updated with the latest BigCommerce stencil update & features. Theme updates are regularly released by the platform to include new features & fix issues in the Stencil themes. 

Please note that updates are valid only for the themes purchased from the BigCommerce Theme Marketplace. You can update a theme even if it is not currently live on your storefront.

Proceed to “Storefront” and then select the “Themes” option. You get a notification about the latest updates. Updating the theme is easy & can be done within no time.

2. BigCommerce Storefront API Update

BigCommerce regularly releases Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to enhance the stores’ capabilities. The latest API update has added concurrency limits to the endpoints, including customer groups, custom fields, categories & promotions. 

You can visit the BigCommerce Development Center to learn about all the BigCommerce storefront API updates from BigCommerce. We recommend enabling feed alerts in the developer changelog to never miss out on API updates.

3. Headless Commerce Functionality

Headless architecture disconnects the frontend presentation layer of the website from its backend functionality. As a result, developers get unmatchable freedom to deliver superior & personalized stores. 

The latest Headless functionality introduced in BigCommerce updates is currently in the beta stage and offers the following benefits:

  • With a headless approach, merchants can easily customize the buyer experience & adapt to market dynamics in less time.   
  • Developers can utilize buyer portal storefront, Server-to-Server, and JavaScript API to build integrations.  
  • APIs provide maximum customizations of the buyer portal for creating new merchant-specific buyer interactions.

More Useful BigCommerce Updates

4. Multi-Storefront Support

The platform recently released Multi-storefront functionality (MSF) in its BigCommerce updates. Using a single control panel, users can manage multiple storefronts, each with a dedicated target audience or niche market. 

Let’s face it. The consumers are no longer willing to accept generalized experiences. With access to advanced technologies & availability of multiple options, consumers demand experiences that align with their individual & preferences. 

Thus, the one-size-fits-all approach no longer works. With MSF, retailers can create specialized storefronts that serve specific customers. 

Instead of a single marketing strategy, ecommerce businesses can now create separate campaigns for each specific audience. By delivering personalized experiences and product recommendations, customers feel important. Moreover, they are more likely to convert through your campaigns.  

Managing multiple stores at the same time can sound overwhelming. But, BigCommerce made it effortless with multi-storefront support. 

From a single BigCommerce dashboard, users can create & manage multiple storefronts and create unique product catalogs for each storefront. They can also synchronize any product updates or inventory management across all the storefronts.

MSF BigCommerce features enable businesses to save time & effort in managing individual stores for other strategies. 

5. Buyer Portal

Buyer Portals is one of the latest BigCommerce B2B features released by the platform. The platform enables a buyer portal for the new BigCommerce users. It replaces the default BigCommerce storefront account for B2C and B2B users. 

In the buyer portal, B2B customers are provided with company and customer accounts. Here, they can easily manage, view & track orders. 

Part of a series of BigCommerce new features, the buyer portal is compatible with all BigCommerce themes and easy to start. It can help you enhance customer satisfaction levels, establish customer loyalty, and encourage repeat business. Here is how the buyer portal feature can help merchants:

  • The buyer portal functionality offers flexibility for the merchants by creating specific access by a company or user and streamlining operations based on past company orders. 
  • The easy-to-reorder functionality enables users to order based on previous orders, quotes, or lists.    
  • Merchants can quickly upload bulk orders or enter Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) numbers into the Quick Order Pad and save time manually entering the orders. 
  • Improve conversions with preset prices & shopping lists that can be instantly converted into quotes whenever required. 
  • Mobile optimized buyer portal to let customers seamlessly shop whenever they want. 

6. Google Cloud AI

Recently, BigCommerce announced its collaboration with Google Cloud’s Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to improve store efficiency. 

The platform aims to enhance customer experiences through intelligent product discovery, BigCommerce update product recommendations, etc. Some features include:

  • Enabling users to create compelling product descriptions.
  • Increasing the average order value through personalized product recommendations. 
  • Getting more profound insights into your store performance and consumer trends through high-precision, AI-powered analytics. 
  • By automating routine ecommerce operations through AI, merchants can streamline workflows, enhance time-to-market & improve operational efficiency.  

7. Single Page Checkout 

A streamlined checkout is key to higher conversions. Every step a customer takes toward the purchase, his journey should be smooth & effortless to avoid cart abandonments. Any distraction in between can pose a potential threat to his purchase decision.

BigCommerce has a simplified single-page checkout process that eliminates distractions. The one-page checkout page is optimized with minimal design, enabling customers to fill in their contact details and billing & shipping-related information all on the same page. 

Past customers (returning customers) can skip billing & shipping information and jump to the payment step. It saves their time & simplifies the purchase process. 

How To Stay Updated With The BigCommerce New Releases

BigCommerce is constantly improving itself to create unparalleled customer experiences for its users. For this reason, it regularly releases updates & new features to fix bugs, adapt to market dynamics & ensure an uninterrupted store operation. 

Retailers who want to create an impact in the ecommerce industry must be attentive to BigCommerce updates & latest releases to utilize them to the fullest potential. 

For this, you can keep visiting BigCommerce’s official website, follow them on multiple social channels, or attend their webinars to stay informed about the latest happenings. 

Webinars & events are perfect for learning about the latest BigCommerce updates. Keep checking for webinars or virtual events on the official website. 

If you encounter a physical event nearby, attend it without fail. You can learn directly from the BigCommerce makers, interact with them & grab some less-known insights into the platform.  

However, closely monitoring all the BigCommerce updates might not be feasible for ecommerce entrepreneurs like you. Let us be your guide! 

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Final Words

BigCommerce is a promising e-commerce platform that delivers state-of-the-art capabilities for retailers. Keeping up with the BigCommerce updates & latest releases can help retailers stay ahead of their competitors and serve beyond customer expectations. 

For retailers who are highly ambitious about their growth, BigCommerce is the perfect platform to bring out the best of them. 

If you want to create a unique place in the ecommerce industry, Cronix will help you get there through specialized BigCommerce services. With countless clients singing our praises, our team has successfully delivered BigCommerce projects that drive real results!

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