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Shopify Product Reviews Migration Services

Using Product Reviews App? Migrate to Another Product Review
App Without Losing Precious Reviews Using Cronix’s Leading-Edge Review Migration Solutions.

Need assistance in migrating customer reviews from the Product Reviews app? Let the experts at Cronix examine your setup, recommend the best solution, and handle review migration seamlessly.

Save Your Reviews: Seamless Shopify Product Reviews Migration

Let’s face it. We all read reviews before making an online purchase. Naturally, all eCommerce businesses rely on customer reviews to generate trust in their products and brands. Can you imagine what a nightmare it would be if you were to lose your Shopify product reviews all of a sudden?
This could happen if you are using the Product Reviews app and not being proactive! The Shopify Product Reviews app will shut down on May 6, 2024. This means you risk losing all your valuable customer reviews, impacting trust and sales. But don’t panic! Cronix is here to help you seamlessly migrate your reviews to a new reviews app.

Build Constant Trust

Positive reviews act as solid social proof, convincing potential customers that your products are credible and trustworthy. This can significantly boost customer confidence and purchase likelihood.

Boost & Stimulate Sales

Studies show positive reviews can significantly lift conversion rates, meaning more reviews often translate to more sales. A stat by Spiegel Research Center reveals that displaying online reviews enhances conversion by 270%. That’s a lot of impact!

Cronix to the Rescue!

The Shopify wizards at Cronix make review migration look like a piece of cake. Here are some of our product review transition solutions:

  • Review Migration Without A Hitch

    Review Migration Without A Hitch

    Migrating reviews can seem like a daunting task. To safeguard your invaluable customer reviews, Cronix handles the entire process for you. Our team has the experience to ensure no data is lost during the migration, saving you time and effort.

  • Expert Consultation & Recommendations

    Expert Consultation & Recommendations

    Leave finding the perfect app for your store to us. Our team will analyze your needs and recommend the best alternative app from Shopify's suggested partners. Each product review app on the Shopify App Store has its own strengths and features. So, we'll ensure the chosen one aligns perfectly with your specific requirements.

  • Configure Automation

    Configure Automation

    We go beyond simply migrating your reviews. We can also set up automated review workflows to streamline the process. Moreover, we can enhance the visual appeal of your reviews with our design expertise. This can make your reviews stand out and have an even greater impact on your customers.

  • Integrating Essential Product Review-Related Features

    Integrating Essential Product Review-Related Features

    Cronix can integrate countless functionalities to help you view and manage all customer reviews more effectively. Some of the most popular ones include: 1. Pin/unpin all reviews to the top and homepage in a day. It helps manage the reviews without clicking on them individually. 2. Display options: All reviews page, badges, carousels, filtering, grid layout, media galleries, photo reviews, product grouping, Q&A, rich snippets, star ratings, tabs or sidebars, testimonials, top reviews, video reviews, voting. Our marketing experts can also suggest and implement the right ways to collect reviews for your Shopify store. Some of the methods include custom requests, email requests, forms, promotions & campaigns, push notifications, referrals, SMS requests, review syndication, social media user-generated content (UGC), surveys, etc.

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