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ADA Compliance & Accessibility Solutions

Make Your Shopify Store Accessible for Everyone With Cronix’s ADA Compliance Services.

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Let every customer feel welcome! Make your Shopify store accessible for all with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance. More than one billion people worldwide live with some kind of disability. Prioritizing ADA compliance ensures this enormous segment of the population can properly access your eCommerce website. At Cronix, creating a delightful shopping experience for everyone is our top priority. Thanks to our 13+ years in the eCommerce sector, you can trust our seasoned experts to build accessible stores for a richer customer experience.

Why Does ADA Compliance Matter for Shopify Websites?

There are numerous reasons why ADA compliance matters a lot for Shopify websites.

Open Doors to New Customers

Don’t miss out on a large portion of potential customers! By making your Shopify store accessible, you’re welcoming everyone, including people with disabilities, to browse and shop easily. This creates a more inclusive shopping experience that opens doors to a wider audience.

Reduce Legal Risk

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 protects individuals with disabilities from discrimination by ensuring that websites comply with accessibility requirements. With a Shopify store that complies with the act, you can reduce the risk of legal complications and confidently focus on business operations.

SEO Benefits

Search engines love accessible websites, and Shopify stores that follow accessibility guidelines rank higher in search results. This means more people will find your Shopify store, leading to increased organic traffic and potential sales without extra advertising costs.

Better Conversion Potential

An ADA-compliant Shopify store is accessible to everyone in your target audience. As a result, your engagement and conversions tend to increase. You also have a higher chance of turning visitors into customers and brand loyalists.

Why Choose Cronix?

Cronix is a leading Shopify ADA compliance service provider globally. We ensure your store meets accessibility guidelines, expanding your reach and protecting your business.

Dedicated ADA Compliance Specialists

Dedicated ADA Compliance Specialists

Once you sign up for our professional ADA services, we allocate a team of specialized compliance specialists to your Shopify project. Our setup streamlines clear communication to address any queries or issues that might arise.

Compliance Shield

Compliance Shield

Our ADA compliance specialists add a compliance shield to your website to notify page visitors and potential lawyers that you are performing to make it ADA-compliant. A compliance shield is an essential part of any ADA-compliant website checklist. It acts as a trust signal and reduces the likelihood of receiving ADA website compliance claims.

Monthly Auditing and Compliance Reports

Monthly Auditing and Compliance Reports

Get monthly ADA compliance reports to stay updated on your store’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance level. Our team proactively identifies and addresses potential accessibility issues, ensuring your website remains inclusive for all customers.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

Don’t settle for slow response times and limited availability. Unlike many ADA compliance providers, Cronix offers 24/7 support. Our geographically distributed team of experts ensures you have a dedicated professional whenever you need them, guaranteeing a seamless end-to-end experience.