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Let Your Business Take Centre Stage in the eCommerce Market With Top-Notch Shopify Plus Solutions.

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Looking to outpace your digital business competition? Well, Shopify is a superb platform for establishing your eCommerce store. But when things get busier as your venture grows rapidly, you will need more features. That is where Shopify Plus comes in, the platform specifically built for high-growth businesses like yours. If you’re new to the eCommerce game, Shopify Plus can feel a little confusing. To reach your goals, you require expert guidance and top-notch services. And that’s what our leading Shopify Plus development agency, Cronix, does!

Shopify Plus: Power Beyond Compare

Shopify Plus is filled to the brim with rich features related to social selling, omnichannel, wholesale & B2B, global expansion, and much more.

High Scalability

Shopify Plus is known for zero performance bottlenecks and no server crashes. For your large business, this means you can handle Black Friday-level traffic surges and explosive order volumes with confidence.

Omnichannel Integration

Break down the barriers between the offline and online experiences. Seamlessly connect your Shopify Plus store with your physical locations, social media, and marketplaces, offering a uniform journey for your customers.

Enhanced Customization

Using Shopify Plus (and our Shopify Plus development agency expertise, of course), craft a unique eCommerce experience that reflects your brand’s DNA. Go beyond cookie-cutter templates and build a store that truly captivates your customers.

Advanced Security

Sleep soundly, knowing your customers’ information and data are safeguarded by the highest level of security measures. Shopify Plus adheres to stringent industry standards and boasts strong built-in security features.

Why Choose Cronix: Your Trusted Shopify Plus Partner

Certified Expertise

Certified Expertise

We walk the talk! Cronix is a certified Shopify Plus eCommerce Agency. This naturally ensures we possess the in-depth knowledge and technical proficiency to handle even the most complicated projects.

Long-Term Partnership

Long-Term Partnership

Your Ambitions + Cronix’s Competence = eCommerce Success. We believe in forging lasting relationships with our clients. So, rest assured of ongoing Cronix support that helps you evolve and adapt as your venture grows!

Tailor-Made Solutions

Tailor-Made Solutions

One-size-fits-all doesn’t cut it. We tailor our eCommerce services to your unique business needs and goals. So, you get solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure and processes.

Strategic Approach

Strategic Approach

It’s not just about building eCommerce stores. Cronix is a Shopify Plus development agency that takes you through a data-driven approach to set up personalized experiences that spell growth and conversions.

Agile Development

Agile Development

Time is money. We value your resources and use agile development methodologies to deliver your eCommerce projects on time. Plus, our best practices ensure your store stays within budget, minimizing disruption and maximizing your ROI.

What Do We Do: Cronix’s Shopify Plus Services

What Do We Do: Cronix’s Shopify Plus Services

Shopify Plus Web Design

Our Shopify Plus eCommerce Agency houses an award-winning design team that creates visually stunning Shopify Plus stores. Keeping user-friendliness at the core, our design wizards build store experiences that convert visitors into repeat customers.


Shopify Plus Web Development

The skilled developers at Cronix build scalable, robust, and functional Shopify Plus websites that perform flawlessly even under heavy traffic load. We uphold mobile-friendly design, easy manageability, and conversion funnels in our web development plans.


Shopify Plus Theme Development

If all those generic themes don’t quite catch your attention, How can you be sure they’ll capture your buyers’ eyes? If you are done with generic themes, let Cronix design a unique Shopify Plus theme that captures your brand essence perfectly. Our Shopify Plus eCommerce Agency designs custom theme resonate with your target audience as you desire.


Shopify Plus Site Migration

Already have an eCommerce store? Want to switch? We guarantee a seamless transition from your existing platform to Shopify Plus with minimal data loss and downtime.


Shopify Plus Apps Development

Further your reach to mobile and web app users. Cronix helps you extend the functionality of your Shopify Plus store with custom-made apps. With our seasoned team of app developers, you can rest assured that all your specific needs and workflows are addressed.


Shopify Plus Maintenance

Rest assured that your Shopify Plus store is always in tip-top condition, running smoothly and securely with our extensive maintenance services.


Shopify Plus ERP Integrations

Shopify Plus integrates with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems with Shopify APIs. Cronix makes the process a lot smoother. Our Shopify Plus development agency helps streamline your operations by seamlessly connecting your eCommerce store with your existing ERP system!


Multi-Lingual Store Development

Seize the world with your Shopify Plus store. Trust Cronix’s multi-lingual solutions to reach a global audience. Unlock international markets with localized experiences tailored to different languages and regions.


Shopify Plus Training & Consultation

Leverage Cronix’s 13+ years of eCommerce experience. Avail of our Shopify Plus training & consultation to empower your team. Discover the cheat codes, knowledge, and skills they need to manage and optimize your store.


Shopify Plus Custom Development

No Shopify Plus project is too complex for our team. The veteran dev team at Cronix can build anything you can imagine to bring your unique vision to life!


Shopify Plus ADA compliance

Our Shopify Plus eCommerce Agency ensures your Shopify Plus store is accessible to everyone with our expert accessibility audits and remediation services.


Shopify Plus
CRO Audit

Cronix helps you identify hidden conversion killers and unlock untapped revenue potential with our in-depth conversion rate optimization audits.