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Experience Limitless Scalability & Flexibility With Cronix’s BigCommerce Migration Solutions

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Is your eCommerce site struggling with high-traffic challenges? Are updates and management becoming a headache? Do you feel your current platform is holding back your business? If yes, then beware. All of these issues can result in potential sales loss! And this might be the right time to migrate to BigCommerce. Partner with Cronix for secure eCommerce Replatforming without data loss. Access BigCommerce’s growth tools & unparalleled flexibility to conquer new markets and adapt to customer trends effortlessly.

Why Migrate Your Store To BigCommerce

BigCommerce boasts exceptional SaaS capabilities, allowing merchants to focus more on growing their business than maintaining their eCommerce stores. With lightning-speed websites, minimal downtime, and outstanding features, BigCommerce sets the standard for excellence in the industry. Here are the reasons why BigCommerce is the perfect platform for your store migration.

Build For Scalability

BigCommerce offers plenty of growth tools and scalable features to extend your store capabilities. The platform enables you to handle high traffic, more product listings & orders as your business grows, all without compromising the performance.

Improved Website Speed & Performance

Experience accelerated growth with BigCommerce migration. Migrate to BigCommerce to enjoy faster loading pages and reduced bounce rates. This means improved search engine rankings, resulting in an overall performance boost.

Robust Integrations

Explore a wealth of built-in integrations with BigCommerce. With expertly carried out eCommerce replatforming, you can expand your store’s capabilities through seamless integration with third-party applications and services. From diverse payment gateways to analytics tools, BigCommerce is your all-in-one solution for business growth.

Customer Support

Given the technical nature of BigCommerce, merchants may encounter challenges in store management. BigCommerce offers robust customer support, enabling merchants to receive timely assistance from the team and resolve issues without disrupting business operations

Simplify Your eCommerce Replatforming with Cronix

We acknowledge the challenges involved in migrating your store to a new platform. Cronix is here to assist you with a smoother store migration to BigCommerce.
Our team of skilled BigCommerce experts guarantees 99.99% uptime for your site. We help you maximize the platform’s potential, enabling your store to reach new heights without limitations.

Time-Saving Solutions

Time-Saving Solutions

Although BigCommerce migration can be time-consuming & complex, Cronix’s experts streamline the entire process, saving you time to focus on other business priorities. We securely migrate your store to BigCommerce, enhancing business performance.

Tailored BigCommerce Migration

Tailored BigCommerce Migration

Partner with Cronix for personalized store migration services to ensure e-commerce success. From assessing your existing store to secure migration and theme customization, we offer a comprehensive migration strategy tailored to your business requirements.

Securely Done

Securely Done

During the eCommerce replatforming process, your store needs to transfer sensitive customer data. We ensure that your store is safely migrated to BigCommerce by adhering to all the compliant regulations and without losing precious store data.

Managing Redirects

Managing Redirects

Our team ensures a smooth transition to BigCommerce. We direct customers and search engines to your updated store location with meticulous 301 redirects, safeguarding your ranking and web traffic during migration.