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BigCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Services

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Drawing traffic to your site is just one part of your sales journey. Your business capabilities are put to the test in converting that traffic into customers. Picture this. You launch a new BigCommerce store that actually solves your target customer’s problems. Initially, things may look promising, but over time, you might see frequent problems like low user engagement, disappointing conversion rate with increased cart abandonment, and inconsistent performance across devices. It’s time for a BigCommerce CRO audit if you encounter business growth obstacles. But where do you start? Cronix is at your service. Our team of certified BigCommerce experts specializes in conducting thorough CRO audits for websites and stores. We identify areas for improvement and fine-tune them to ensure optimal performance.

Why Is BigCommerce CRO Important?

The conversion rate is a vital parameter in marketing that determines how well a website can sell goods or services. Ignoring conversion rates means losing sales opportunities, and visitors might leave the site without buying anything. Using conversion rate optimization (CRO), you can create a BigCommerce store that captivates visitors, guides them seamlessly into the engagement process, and ultimately drives conversions.

Level up Your Store Performance

A 360-degree CRO audit can lead to enhanced store performance. A team of CRO experts can analyze the audit reports and create strategies that naturally improve your conversion rate and attract leads.

Increased SEO Rankings

CRO indirectly influences search engine rankings. By resolving issues found in CRO audits and optimizing your BigCommerce website, you enhance user experience. This leads to reduced bounce rates, happy customers, and improved conversions, elevating search engine rankings.

Navigate the Market Dynamics

Given the dynamic nature of market trends, every business must operate at peak performance consistently. With efficient BigCommerce CRO, you can optimize your store’s functionalities and stay updated with the market trends.

Optimize Checkout

According to statistics, more than 22% of US shoppers have abandoned their carts due to the complicated checkout process. With conversion rate optimization, you can identify improvement areas, simplify the checkout process, and ultimately reduce cart abandonment rates.

Partner With Cronix for a Complete CRO Audit

Cronix focuses on customized end-to-end eCommerce conversion rate optimization services that meet your business requirements. Collaborate with us and capitalize on CRO to skyrocket your eCommerce performance.

Get End-To-End CRO Audit to Unlock Potential Opportunities

Get End-To-End CRO Audit to Unlock Potential Opportunities

We offer a comprehensive CRO audit to uncover opportunities, pinpoint areas for improvement, and optimize your BigCommerce store for higher conversion rates and business expansion. Let Cronix assist you in transforming visitors into loyal customers!

Get Guidance From the Industry’s Top CRO Experts

Get Guidance From the Industry’s Top CRO Experts

Our CRO experts stay updated on the BigCommerce best practices, diving deep into consumer behavior and brand motivations. Through careful analysis of audit reports, they provide valuable insights to optimize your website effectively.

Re-Align Your Strategies as per the Audit Report

Re-Align Your Strategies as per the Audit Report

Cronix is a BigCommerce B2B Specialized Partner. Before jumping to the task, our CRO process starts by understanding your goals, analyzing audit results, and crafting tailored strategies. We enable clear pricing, easy navigation, simple checkout, and other BigCommerce store elements to streamline the buyer journey for better conversions.

Make Your Website Better for the Users

Make Your Website Better for the Users

We implement CRO strategies to maximize your website’s usability by improving design, layout, and functionality. An intuitive interface encourages people to spend more time on your BigCommerce store, explore more products, and finally become customers.

Ready to accelerate your store growth with scalable conversion rate optimization services? Let Cronix be your eCommerce ally.