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Industry Challenges

The expansive growth possibilities in the home & garden sector come with challenges that businesses must navigate. From personalization dilemmas to intense competition, let’s examine the hurdles businesses likely face in this dynamic industry.

Fiercely Competitive

Fiercely Competitive

In the competitive landscape of the home & garden industry, businesses must seek innovative methods to distinguish their products and stand out to drive traffic.

Diverse Product Catalog

Diverse Product Catalog

The industry encompasses various products, from garden tools to wall decor. The challenge lies in facilitating accurate product discoverability, ensuring customers quickly find what they want.

Seasonal Demand & Individual Preferences

Seasonal Demand & Individual Preferences

The market undergoes seasonal demand changes. Buyers extensively research brands and products, each with unique preferences. Businesses struggle to cope with these fluctuations while aiming to cater to a broad audience with diverse individual interests.

Demand For Multi-Channel Brand Presence

Demand For Multi-Channel Brand Presence

Modern audiences are scattered across online platforms. As a result, businesses can’t focus on a single channel to capture them. Maintaining a consistent brand presence across multiple platforms is challenging yet crucial to capturing customers.

Lack of Tangible Experience

Lack of Tangible Experience

Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, online home & garden eCommerce lacks a tangible shopping experience. In simple terms, your buyers can’t touch or feel the products. Consequently, customers find making purchase decisions solely based on product photos challenging, making conversion more difficult for businesses.

Shipping Complexities

Shipping Complexities

Most home & garden products are fragile & heavy. Shipping these products can be expensive and are prone to damage during transit, complicating the shipping.

Need for Personalization Throughout The Customer Journey

Need for Personalization Throughout The Customer Journey

With numerous brands to choose from, customers demand personalized shopping experiences, without which they may swiftly turn to alternatives. Yet, implementing personalization throughout the customer journey is arduous & time-consuming.

Meet Cronix: The Problem-Solvers

Meet Cronix: The Problem-Solvers

AR & VR Tech For Better Product Visualization

The Cronix development team leverages advanced technologies like AR & VR to provide real-time product viewing for buyers. Showcase how the product looks at your customers’ homes & give them a reason for purchase.



We create websites with multi-lingual support, enabling your business to reach a global audience and deliver personalized browsing experiences in customers’ own languages.



Sell everywhere your customers reside. We let you establish a strong digital presence across multiple channels & stay at the forefront of the competition.


Smart Search & Voice Search Integration

Cronix can integrate smart search and voice search options into your website, empowering buyers to find their desired products effortlessly. Enhance the user experience by facilitating quick and convenient product discovery.


BOPIS: Buy Online-Pick In-Store

We integrate BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store) functionality for your store. Customers can browse products online & easily pick them up at their nearest stores.


Chatbots &
Live Chat

Leverage chatbots and live chat features to offer personalized experiences for buyers and promptly address their concerns. Enhance customer satisfaction through efficient and responsive communication.


Mobile-Friendly Websites

As mobile commerce gains prominence, Google algorithms prioritize mobile-first websites for search engine rankings. We create responsive, mobile-first websites, ensuring optimal shopping experiences across various smart devices.


User-Friendly & Responsive Design

We develop intuitive & user-friendly websites that streamline the customer’s buying journey and make shopping enjoyable & effortless.


Stunning Visuals & Functionalities

Our web design team crafts captivating product visuals & integrates features like push notifications and user intent popups, enhancing our ability to understand and convert more customers.


Omnichannel Selling & Impactful Marketing

Our team of industry experts excels in marketing, crafting impactful strategies that drive results. We facilitate omnichannel selling, SEO, and beyond to elevate your brand to the forefront of the industry.


AI-Driven Data Analytics & Reporting

We integrate AI tools for profound insights into business progress, consumer behavior, & dynamic market trends. Our AI-driven approach ensures an accurate understanding of the audience, leading to personalized experiences & heightened customer engagement.


& Logistics

We facilitate integrations for shipping, multiple payment gateways, and seamless order tracking, leading to reduced cart abandonments and returns, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.