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Challenges in the Food & Beverages (F&B) eCommerce Sector

Doubts About Food <br>Quality

Doubts About Food

Convincing customers of your food quality or products online – it’s not just about mouthwatering photos. Transparency reigns supreme. However, showcasing detailed product information, customer reviews, and transparent sourcing practices can be daunting.

Inventory Management Complications

Inventory Management Complications

F&B eCommerce is affected by delivery complexities, space management, scheduling, and, most importantly, perishability. Complexities often lead to wastage or spoilage of food products, ultimately reducing profitability.

Security & Seamless Transactions:

Security & Seamless Transactions:

Similar to any other fast-moving sector, online food purchases need seamless, secure payment systems. But, it’s easier said than done as cyber threats keep evolving at a rapid pace.

Difficulty in Serving Customer-Preferred Timelines

Difficulty in Serving Customer-Preferred Timelines

For F&B merchants, dealing with perishable and long-shelf products can be a hassle. It is tough to schedule timely deliveries at customer-preferred time windows.

Catering to Diverse Customers

Catering to Diverse Customers

In F&B, your customer base isn’t typically a one-size-fits-all pool. Multi-language support, localized content, and region-specific offerings are often complicated for businesses just starting out in eCommerce.



The lack of real-time inventory updates, efficient order processing, and synchronized sales data is a huge roadblock for various F&B businesses.

Technology Transition

Technology Transition

Not every F&B business owner is tech-savvy. The transition from offline to online is a challenge for many. User-friendly systems and gradual implementation are essential.

How Cronix Can Help Your Food & Beverage Venture Scale New Heights

How Cronix Can Help Your Food & Beverage Venture Scale New Heights

F&B eCommerce Store Creation

As simple as that! Cronix has been a leader in creating user-friendly online stores for 13+ years and counting! Our dynamic team of Certified BigCommerce and Shopify Partner developers creates captivating websites to hook your customers right off the bat!


SEO for

We optimize your website with relevant keywords and local SEO strategies, ensuring your e-commerce kitchen attracts the right diners.



Implementing strong gateways, encryption protocols, and PCI DSS compliance are a few measures to ensure your customers can checkout safely. We prioritize robust security protocols to protect customer data and ensure every transaction is worry-free.


Robust Inventory Management

We can set up systems for your F&B product that track levels in real time, preventing stockouts and wastage while ensuring the accurate availability of information.


Content Marketing Delights

From drool-worthy recipes to cooking tips and product spotlights, we help you create blogs, infographics, social media posts, and anything in between that keeps your audience engaged and hungry for more!


Social Media

We unleash the power of Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to showcase your F&B products and help drive sales through targeted campaigns.



We help you craft targeted email lists for exclusive offers, product updates, and recipe ideas, fostering deeper connections with your customers.



Google Ads and social media platforms become your F&B brand’s virtual billboards. We offer PPC services to run targeted display, social media, and search ads to drive relevant traffic and boost sales.


Personalization Made Possible

Let your customers add their own twist! We can help you enable product customization with visual options for a unique ordering experience.



Cronix can help integrate POS systems to streamline order processing and synchronize your online and offline (if any) channels, creating a harmonious operation.



We help your F&B business be data-driven. We can implement AI algorithms to personalize product recommendations based on customer preferences, turning data into actionable insights!


Showcasing Testimonials

Let your customers be your voice! We encourage and showcase positive reviews and testimonials, adding a touch of social proof to your e-commerce recipe.