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How to Add A BigCommerce Carousel to Your Store Homepage?

A Laptop Screen Displaying A Travel Website With Two Additional Floating Webpage Displays in the Foreground, Showing the Use of Carousel On A Site’s Homepage.

Do you want to attract your customer’s attention to your exclusive products, services, and offers? Well, who does not? Using the BigCommerce carousel is one of the best ways of doing so.

Many big and famous brands use carousels to advertise their programs and major attractions to elevate their market value by targeting the right audience.

Fortunately, it is not tricky to create and add a fantastic BigCommerce carousel, even without a professional web designer!

So, if you want to explore how to create a BigCommerce homepage carousel and how it can benefit your online store, you are in luck.

Because we have a detailed and informative guide to help you through all your doubts and concerns. Let’s get started!

A carousel is a series of changing images and banners displayed on your store’s homepage.

You can add up to 5 slides of images and text in the BigCommerce homepage carousel to attract the relevant audience base.

However, you should be careful while using the carousel in your BigCommerce store, as every slide should connect to a particular item. The images will keep changing after a few seconds. 

A well-designed BigCommerce carousel can bring the following benefits to your online store:

  • Enhanced conversion rate for your website.
  • Improved customer experience while navigating the website.
  • Attract relevant customers to the best-selling categories.
  • Portray and display the various cross-selling opportunities and options.

Interestingly, you can use the BigCommerce carousel in many ways to boost the performance of your online store. It is an excellent opportunity to improve brand identity, connect with the customers, display the required announcements, etc.

A carousel can easily be used in every theme to highlight the essential products, announcements, etc. Moreover, with an attractive call to action button, you can convert your potential audience base into loyal customers. Thus, it is essential to use the right BigCommerce carousel image size.

As you upload an image on the carousel, the same will be displayed on the desktops and mobile devices. Therefore, you should avoid adding large images that might increase the loading time. The best dimensions for the image carousel should preferably be 1200px wide and 600px tall.

You can check the dimensions of your carousel using the Stencil theme. This will avoid causing any hassles while uploading, displaying, and editing the images in the BigCommerce carousel.

Adding an attractive carousel doesn’t have to be rocket science. Just use the following steps:

  1. Log In to the BigCommerce Admin Portal:
Screenshot of the BigCommerce Admin Panel Highlighting the ‘View Store’ Button.

Start by logging in to the admin portal of your BigCommerce store. The theme of your store potentially impacts the appearance of the carousel.

Before making any changes in the carousel, it is suggested to click on the ‘View Store’ option. This will indicate how the storefront will look for your visitors.

  1. Click On Storefront Followed By Clicking On ‘Home Page Carousel’:
BigCommerce homepage carousel

Click on the ‘Storefront option available on the left side of the admin portal. You can easily find a number of options to choose from. Simply click on ‘Home Page Carousel’ to make user-friendly edits as required.

  1. Upload the Required Images:
add slides to home carousel BigCommerce

Amazingly, you can edit your BigCommerce carousel in any way you want to make it engaging. However, you should start by removing all the unwanted default photos.

Once that is done, you can then drag and drop or select the required images from your computer. You can add up to five images to make a lasting impression in the BigCommerce homepage carousel. Lastly, click or tap the ‘Save’ button to confirm the images.

BigCommerce change carousel size
  1. Add Text, Heading, Button Text, and Links:
Screenshot of the BigCommerce ‘Homepage Carousal’ Page.

To improve the appearance of your BigCommerce homepage carousel, you should also add text, button text, headings, and links. This will also make your carousel optimized for better reach. Also, make sure to add a Call to Action (CTA) to get a quick response from your visitors.

You can add as many buttons as you want to improve the appearance of your carousel. However, it is suggested to use minimal design elements to boost the readability of your carousel.

After you have added all the details, make sure to click on the ‘Save’ button again to confirm all the additions made.

Final Thoughts

As we observed, it is pretty simple and hassle-free to create and add a carousel to your BigCommerce online store’s homepage. You can easily customize it and implement the BigCommerce change carousel size features to adjust it as per your requirements. 

A BigCommerce carousel enhances the visitors’ user experience along with increasing the overall performance of your eCommerce online store.

If you are occupied or need some pro help to create and add an amazing BigCommerce carousel to your online store, you can contact Cronix LLC– the certified BigCommerce agency. Not only will the carousel be engaging and responsive but also optimized with the current trends, ensuring the best results.

If you still have more doubts or concerns regarding your BigCommerce store, just write to us in the comment section. The expert team at Cronix ensures offering the expected assistance to find the relevant solution.

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