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Maximizing Conversion Rates With BigCommerce Checkout Customization

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Did you know that BigCommerce checkout customization can be the main ingredient to maximize your store’s conversion rate?

The BigCommerce custom checkout helps you modify the overall appearance, visibility, and functionality of your ecommerce store to make a lasting impression. If you manage to improve the customer experience, it is naturally likely to boost the conversion rate.

According to the latest market survey, about 63% of the shoppers revisit the online store having a customized and user-friendly checkout. Additionally, providing relevant upsell using the custom checkout can improve the average conversion rate of 2.86% instantly.

Thus, it can be rightly said that eCommerce conversion rate optimization is an essential need for online stores. If this is something that excites you, let’s get into the details.

Increasing Conversion Rates with BigCommerce Checkout Customization

Integrating conversion rate optimization best practices into your BigCommerce store is crucial. It makes it simpler, more convenient, and faster for customers to complete their transactions.

The tailored cross-selling also helps upgrade the customer experience, thereby helping in maximizing the conversion rates.

1. Industry-Leading Payments:

One of the major attractions of BigCommerce checkout customization is its compatibility with the majority of industry-leading payment methods. The choice of multiple payment methods offers convenience to the customers to make faster and more secure payments.

BigCommerce ensures successful pre-integration with more than 130 leading payment providers for complete freedom and flexibility for the best payment option. Furthermore, It helps decide the best price for the business and improves the customer’s experience.

2. Address Auto-complete:

According to market experts, consumers tend to lose interest in an online store with a lengthy checkout process.

Thanks to the Google auto-complete feature, customers can enjoy the comfort of potential address matching for entering their data in the fields. Simply put, your details get entered automatically when the checkout page asks you to enter your address, payment particulars, personal info, and more.

This instantly impresses the buyers as it decreases the required time and chances of errors while proceeding with the transactions. Moreover, it also expedites the checkout procedure without any hassles, especially for first-time shoppers.

3. Checkout reCAPTCHA:

Have you been struggling with fraudulent orders or transactions? You are not alone. Not only do these fraud orders affect the brand value and visibility, but they also confuse the users about security.

This can gradually skew your sales and conversion rate, making it challenging to entertain potential customers.

The checkout reCAPTCHA automatically detects the bot-like activity to prevent any fraudulent transactions. Also, it also locks the checkout process by providing additional security for genuine customers.

4. No Distractions:

The BigCommerce checkout API keeps the focus on the main requirement of the checkout page – seamless checkout.

The custom checkout helps businesses swap the header for other important links like delivery information, secure payment gateway, or relevant merchant reviews.

Businesses can also carry out BigCommerce checkout customization on their checkout page to pull the cart summary information to keep the customers updated.

5. Default Shipping Option:

Maintaining a default shipping option for eCommerce conversion rate optimization is a great idea. Having an available default shipping address reduces the unwanted time for extra clicks and delays in completing the purchase transactions.

Moreover, using the advanced settings in the custom checkout process, shoppers can seamlessly ship their orders to multiple addresses. The customers can make the required selection on their shopping cart page.

6. Passwordless One-Click:

The conversion rate optimization checklist also includes passwordless one-click checkout options. This feature allows the potentially eligible buyers to proceed with the checkout formalities without sharing their personal information.

Additionally, it avoids customers needing to create an account and password.

This makes the users feel safe and secure as they can preserve their personal information and only share the desired details during the checkout.

7. B2B Editions:

Last but not least, the BigCommerce B2B edition includes all the essential B2B (business-to-business) functionalities for your online store.

Some significant BigCommerce checkout SDK benefits for the B2B edition include maintaining specific portals for individual buyers, transparent quoting, invoicing, pricing details, highlighting the purchase approvals, access control, etc.

Hence, the B2B edition functionalities contribute to ease the purchase and buying experience for the customers with simplicity.

Final Thoughts

eCommerce conversion rate optimization is one of the most essential needs to win business sales and convert your visitors into customers. So, streamline the checkout page to instantly boost your business sales and improve the buyer’s experience. Believe us, your increased conversion rate is a few customizations away!

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Our team possesses the expertise to custom-build powerful BigCommerce apps and websites for your business.

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