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BigCommerce Themes that Make Your Store Unique and Creative

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BigCommerce is a well-known, powerful eCommerce platform to help scale your business globally. It offers a myriad of features that enable both developers and merchants to promote their products uniquely.

That being said, the visual appeal of your online store is the first thing your customers notice. Therefore, choosing captivating BigCommerce themes is the initial step to creating a profitable online store.

BigCommerce offers 170 themes, of which 15 are free, with the rest cost lying between $150 and $300 each. Every BigCommerce theme is tailored to individual eCommerce sectors and industries. User-friendly themes ensure an appealing way to showcase the products, ultimately accelerating sales, conversion rates, and revenue.

Did you know around 38% of visitors stop interacting with a website with an unattractive layout? Thus, finding the best BigCommerce themes is essential for businesses.

So, this blog dives deep into some of the most pleasing BigCommerce themes to make your store unique, creative, and appealing.

Top BigCommerce Themes

Fully trusting and embracing BigCommerce theme development may feel challenging, especially for a new business. Thankfully, you can easily choose from the top BigCommerce themes given in the section below. Ensure to opt for themes that are fully compatible with your unique business.

1. Beautica


The topmost spot in the list of the finest BigCommerce themes goes to Beautica – a premium, responsive theme. The theme has a clean, modern, and attractive design making it perfect for beauty and fashion online stores.

Advanced features such as a mega menu, drop-down login, Instagram module, product labels, logo slider, lazy loading images, and LookBook pages make this BigCommerce theme highly functional. Easy customization and instant responsiveness are other key functionalities that make this theme great to have.

2. SarahMarket


If you have a large online grocery store and are looking for responsive BigCommerce themes, SarahMarket is the answer to your prayers. Thanks to its fast loading time, it maintains uninterrupted engagement with visitors resulting in high conversion rates.

This BigCommerce theme can categorize the products for easy reach and systematic display. Impress your customers with a clean and appealing product display! Also, enjoy high responsiveness and many impressive features with this theme.

3. Shop Town

Shop Town

The modern and stunning design of this multipurpose Stencil BigCommerce theme is truly impressive. The Shop Town theme will surely engage your visitors with its interactive and engaging interface. Instant response is another prominent attraction of this one of the best BigCommerce themes.

Furthermore, you can customize the theme according to your requirements. It includes features like a mega menu, quick view option, zoom magnifier, product grids, etc. Each component of this BigCommerce theme strengthens your store’s brand value with a competitive edge.

4. Brooklynk


Brooklynk is one of the most premium fashion BigCommerce themes to rely on. The theme is extremely responsive, all thanks to its Stencil framework. This ensures faster loading times and no unwanted waiting time for the customers to locate the product.

With this dedicated BigCommerce theme, finding desired product information also becomes hassle-free for the customer.

The theme is customizable to help you adjust the color, font, and other store aspects. Furthermore, it has an abundance of practically valuable features, like a dropdown shopping cart, newsletter popup, mega menu, grid product display, etc.

Add a unique touch to the online store. Brooklynk’s minimal and clean design is well-suited for online fashion, shoe, cosmetic, and jewelry stores.

5. Revo


This multipurpose Stencil responsive theme is perfect if you are looking for a versatile, engaging, and responsive theme on the BigCommerce theme store. It has a Stencil framework, making it an ideal choice for different business websites.

Revo’s clean and engaging design makes it an instant hit to impress your target audience base. Another feature of this BigCommerce theme is its four premade reliable demos.

Along with this, Revo is enabled with features like mega menus, product labels, countdown, live search, and many more. Lastly, you can personalize the theme according to your need. The theme is also known for instant loading.

6. LaParis


As an online store owner, you must look for simplicity, responsive, and creative BigCommerce themes. LaParis is one of the best BigCommerce themes known for all these positive characteristics. The theme has a gripping interface, intriguing design, and an attractive featured image that instantly attracts.

The customization of LaParis’s creative layouts ensures a clean display of products in a variety of ways. It is fully responsive to cater to the varying needs of your visitors. It also extends features like carousel view, Instagram widget, list, grid view, etc., for a lasting impression.

7. Branchy


Multipurpose stencil BigCommerce themes are an excellent choice for all kinds of online stores. Whether you want a contemporary layout or an uncomplicated product display, the Branchy theme has everything to offer.

You can fully customize this BigCommerce theme as per your brand image. It has a highly responsive design with exciting features like the zoom magnifier, image slider, vertical mega menu, product filters, live search, and cart dropdown. Overall, the theme is impressive, with a bucketload of valuable functionalities.

8. Fabzy


Fabzy is one of the most favorably reviewed BigCommerce themes out there. This multipurpose theme is well-suited for stores selling fashion accessories, flowers, home decor, shoes, cosmetics, furniture, and apparel. Thanks to its ease of use, you can launch an online store quickly without any hassles. Along with this, you can heavily customize the theme through a bundle of features.

The Fabzy BigCommerce theme is fully responsive to offer quick solutions to the visitor’s needs. The theme makes an impressive impact with its features like product filters, premade blog section, quick view, etc. Moreover, it is SEO-optimized for better reach and, ultimately, high conversions.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that BigCommerce is an ideal destination for eCommerce businesses to launch a beautiful, appealing, and responsive online store. And now you are aware of some of the best BigCommerce themes on the market.

So, go on and make your online store stand out with these inspiring BigCommerce themes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the steps to edit the BigCommerce themes?

Fortunately, it is quite convenient to edit the BigCommerce themes without any complications. Just follow the following steps:

  • Start by clicking on the ‘Storefront’ icon after signing in to your BigCommerce store.
  • Then, click on the ‘Customize’ option to land on the Page Builder section, where you can view and modify all the widgets (images, products, videos, text, etc.) easily.
  • If you want precisely detailed editing, click on the ‘Advanced’ option from the drop-down list and choose ‘Edit Theme Files.’
  • Finally, tap or click the ‘Save’ button to confirm all changes.

It is suggested to make a copy of your current theme to avoid any mess or complications.

2. How to get free BigCommerce themes?

The BigCommerce theme store offers free and premium professional themes. After signing in to the BigCommerce store:

  • Click on the ‘Theme’ option to choose the free theme.
  • Once you have selected the free theme, click on the ‘Add theme’ button available on the theme’s product page.
  • Finally, click the ‘Apply now’ button to install the theme in your store successfully.

3. How do I create a theme in BigCommerce?

By creating a customized BigCommerce theme, you can personalize your selling space. You can either use the in-built editor (quick changes without modifying the files) or edit your theme files (suitable for occasional changes) to create a customized theme in BigCommerce.