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BigCommerce Shipping Challenges and Solutions for Store Owners

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$6.3 trillion! As per a recent Statista research, the global e-commerce retailers will grow their sales amounting to this insane figure by 2023. Anyone who realizes this enormous potential of ecommerce may want to jump on the bandwagon. However, it is better to educate yourself about BigCommerce shipping or any ecommerce shipping factors in that case before stepping into the industry.

As with any business, an e-commerce venture has its own challenges. One of the most common concerns faced by entrepreneurs often revolves around shipping. Each online retailer will encounter them sooner or later. As shipping is a vital part of customer experience, the merchants need to learn about common shipping API issues & how to avoid and overcome them.

Thankfully, BigCommerce has emerged as a resilient platform in the B2C and B2B sectors of the e-commerce industry. Once you (merchants) sign up for the BigCommerce platform, it offers plenty of tools and capabilities to run your ecommerce store successfully.

No matter how capable the platform is, the challenges are inevitable due to the dynamic ecommerce landscape. This article explores the BigCommerce shipping challenges faced by store merchants & how to overcome them.

1. Free BigCommerce Shipping

Free shipping has played a massive role in driving leads & conversions. It is one of the most appreciated elements by the customers yet grueling for the merchants. We mean, just look at the success of Amazon Prime after introducing the free shipping option.

Enabling free shipping can be taxing on you (merchants) as you have to pay the carrier to ship the order. However, the shipping method is not feasible for all sellers.

As an ecommerce merchant, evaluate your market demands and the competitor sites. You don’t have to offer free shipping to become competitive. Ensure that your business makes enough revenue to cover the associated shipping costs.

To provide free BigCommerce shipping, you can limit the facility to specific geographic locations or set a threshold to qualify for free shipping. Some customers are ready to pay extra to receive the delivery faster. Besides, this surcharge can help you support the free shipping provided for other customers.

2. BigCommerce International Shipping

As your business begins to expand, your store can serve global customers. Ecommerce stores have to consider the complexities of international shipping for accurate product delivery. Tapping into the international markets will invite challenges, such as country-specific taxes, customs regulations and duties, additional paperwork, etc.

BigCommerce lets you integrate with shipping carriers, such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, etc, for hassle-free international shipping. The merchants can calculate accurate BigCommerce shipping charges based on the package dimensions & destination, delivery dates, etc.

Furthermore, you (store merchants) can also display the shipping-related information and custom duties for the customers during their checkout process. Maintaining complete transparency with the customers can improve your brand loyalty in the long run.

3. Limited Product Availability

Ecommerce businesses are more likely to need help maintaining product stock as required. Improper stock availability may lead to several issues, such as cart abandonments, higher bounce rates, lower average order value, poor customer experience, etc.

BigCommerce offers in-built inventory management features to help merchants seamlessly manage their inventory levels.

Moreover, you can also provide back orders & pre-order opportunities to win lost customers and encourage them to purchase the products even if they have to wait a specific time to access the product.

4. Order Tracking

No customer wants to keep calling your company seeking order delivery updates. Ecommerce merchants can leverage BigCommerce shipping tools to track their orders & stay in touch with the customers regarding delivery updates or quickly resolve their issues in real-time.

Try BigCommerce shipping API options like AfterShip. This post-purchase Customer Experience (CX) platform streamlines order tracking & offers automated tracking updates, delivery notifications & a self-service returns portal.

5. Order Fulfillment

A flawless BigCommerce shipping & order fulfillment strategy is crucial for ecommerce success. Please remember that CX does not end at the purchase of your product. The poor package & delivery experience can hurt customers & leave scars on your brand reputation.

If you have too many things on your plate, you can dropship products handled by third parties. Businesses can leverage BigCommerce fulfillment solutions to simplify the order handling & fulfillment process and, in turn, reduce the shipping times.

6. Secure Order Packaging & Fulfillment

Ensuring safe packaging and delivery of orders can often be challenging for merchants. BigCommerce offers integration software like Shipper HQ or ShipStation BigCommerce to help merchants automate the package & fulfillment process & streamline their shipping process.

As a result, the merchants can save time, minimize errors, & improve shipping efficiency.

7. Returns & Exchanges

Whatever the shipping method, returns are one of the troubling issues for the merchants. An order return or exchange request usually comes when the customer isn’t satisfied with the product.

The primary concern associated with returns or exchanges is the high costs involved in picking up the product & restocking in the inventory.

Providing incentives, special discounts & customer reviews can reduce customer returns. Furthermore, automating shipping returns-related processes can help save money instead of managing manually.

Wrapping Up

As a merchant, finding the solutions for common shipping challenges is part and parcel of your BigCommerce shipping setup. But you don’t have to do it all alone. Thankfully, there are several integration tools & software that can assist you in resolving shipping issues & accelerating the shipping process for a positive customer experience.

Moreover, you can get expert assistance from agencies like Cronix, which specializes in BigCommerce solutions. With over 13 years of experience and a long list of happy clients, we consistently deliver bespoke services that guarantee ecommerce success.

So, if you need any assistance, contact us immediately. Cronix will assign a team of experts to discuss your BigCommerce shipping issues & figure out the best solutions.

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