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Turn Up Your Business Performance With 10 New BigCommerce Features

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In today’s competitive Ecommerce businesses, it’s essential to have a solid platform that can support your business’s growth. BigCommerce is a leading Ecommerce platform providing merchants with powerful features to help them scale their businesses and increase revenue. In this blog post, we’ll explore 10 of the most impactful Bigcommerce features that can help boost your business performance. From flexible payment options to advanced shipping features, We’ll cover everything you need to know to get the most out of your BigCommerce store. So, whether you’re just starting or looking to take your business to the next level, discover how Bigcommerce features can help you succeed.

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is one of the world’s biggest SaaS platforms, powering over 153,817 ECommerce stores. Through essential features and benefits such as Multichannel selling, Cart-level discounts, Abandoned cart saver, and so much more, the platform gives you a fully engaging online buying experience. Skullcandy, Clarks, Hush Puppies, Gillette Venus US, Fujitsu, Toyota, Kohler, and Cetaphil are well-known brands that use BigCommerce.

Why Should Choose BigCommerce?

Enterprise-Level Businesses:

BigCommerce is designed for company owners who wish to transfer their offline firm online or who have outgrown their current online storefronts.

Businesses With Extensive Inventories:

BigCommerce has no limit on the number of goods you may sell. This is extremely useful for organizations with several product categories and variants within each.

Midsize Enterprises:

BigCommerce adapts to your company’s demands, from omnichannel retailing to various POS connections.

10 Popular BigCommerce Features Help to Boost Your Business Performance

1. Unlimited Products, File Storage, and Bandwidth:

BigCommerce is an exceptional Ecommerce platform that offers ample space for your online store without imposing restrictions on catalog size, storage space, or the number of requests your website can receive within a month, making it an excellent choice for product customization. Even their entry-level “Standard” tier has great features, so you won’t have to upgrade to a higher plan to add more products or improve loading times. However, BigCommerce SEO services can further enhance your online presence and drive organic traffic to your store. By optimizing your website with targeted keywords, meta tags, and engaging content, you can improve your search engine rankings and attract more potential customers. Additionally, BigCommerce provides built-in SEO tools and integrations with popular analytics platforms, making it easier to track your site’s performance and make data-driven optimizations.

2. Single-Page Checkout:

Checkout is critical for improving your ECommerce store’s revenue. Customers will leave if they must fill out a lengthy form or go through many phases to acquire goods. For a high conversion rate, a direct checkout experience is essential. Customers should concentrate throughout the last stages of the checkout procedure.

BigCommerce provides a quick, one-page checkout with no distractions. As a result, customers will always complete their purchases.

3. Less Downtime:

BigCommerce, like many other cloud-based platforms, has an outstanding 99% uptime record. It is essential for sales and the development of consumer trust shoppers. Even amid a holiday rush or flash sale, you may open.

BigCommerce uses AWS (Amazon Web Services) for off-site hosting. Furthermore, cloud hosting relieves you of the responsibility of maintenance and upgrades.

4. Product Swatches:

All BigCommerce plans allow you various sizes, colors, or pattern versions.

BigCommerce offers various handy options for structuring these selections, including dropdowns, checkboxes, and size pickers. Sellers may use color or picture samples to give clients a brief glimpse of each option for items with visual variants.

5. Persistent Cart:

Persistent Cart simplifies shopping by automatically linking a shopper’s Cart to their customer account, allowing them to access their Cart from any device.

Consumers can begin and complete the checkout from many devices with the Persistent Cart, which merges guest and customer shopping carts. It also boosts conversion rates by decreasing cart abandonment.

6. Customers Groups & Segmentation:

BigCommerce may classify clients by category for merchants on the “Plus” plan and higher. This is known as segmentation.

This functionality is helpful for all types of shops, especially B2B sites.

Customers can be added to a loyalty program that receives special offers, a membership group that receives discounts, a wholesale group that receives cheaper pricing, or a tax-exempt group. Merchants can also limit specific items and categories to select groups.

7. B2B Edition BigCommerce:

B2B Edition BigCommerce is a combined offering of BigCommerce Enterprise and the B2B Edition app. It features one simplified contract, specialized onboarding and support, and six B2B-optimized themes pre-installed with the Bundle B2B app so you can get started immediately.

8. BigCommerce Gift Certificates

BigCommerce gift certificates are a convenient and flexible way to show appreciation to customers, employees, or loved ones. These digital certificates can be customized with a personal message and redeemed for any product on the BigCommerce platform. Give the gift of choice with BigCommerce gift certificates.

9. Abandoned Cart Saver:

This functionality is also available to vendors on the “Plus” and higher plans.

You can use the Abandoned Cart Saver to automatically email customers who abandoned their checkout before completing their transaction. Emails’ look, content, and timing may all be customized.

10. Bulk Pricing:

BigCommerce’s bulk pricing functionality allows sellers to promote larger-quantity orders by giving bulk discounts. This is particularly handy for things that are frequently purchased in bulk. One off-the-shelf capability makes BigCommerce a tempting choice for B2B shops.

Bulk discounts can also be simplified by applying them at the category level. They may be integrated with client groups on the “Plus” plan and higher, which is helpful for B2B shops with retail and wholesale customers.


BigCommerce offers a wide range of features to help businesses of all sizes succeed online. By taking advantage of these popular features, you can help boost your business performance and take your online store to the next level. Whether you’re looking to improve your website’s SEO, streamline your shipping and tax calculations, or offer gift cards and coupons, BigCommerce has you covered. With these features, you’ll be able to provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience, increase your sales, and grow your business. So, start exploring the possibilities, and take your online store to new heights with BigCommerce.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does BigCommerce do?

BigCommerce offers companies software to set up and manage online and mobile storefronts, accept payments, and convert currencies. BigCommerce had 60,000 online stores in 120 countries as of June 2020.

Which is better, BigCommerce or WooCommerce?

WooCommerce: Ideal for creating more complicated Ecommerce sites with specialized requirements. BigCommerce: This is the best option for people looking for a quick and straightforward approach to creating an online store.

What makes BigCommerce different?

BigCommerce offers several SEO tools, including optimized URLs, unique URLs, microdata integration into product pages, and URL rewrites, which automatically change the URL when a product is changed.