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10 Reasons To Choose BigCommerce B2B ECommerce Platform

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The face of businesses has changed over the years. With the significant growth of digitization, many businesses are now operational online, thereby encouraging Ecommerce platforms. Amidst the various Ecommerce platforms, the BigCommerce B2B platform has many incredible benefits.

The BigCommerce B2B features aim to enhance the performance and functionalities of the business within no time. The first step towards building a successful online business store is to choose the right Ecommerce platform. Thus, you need to select a suitable and compatible BigCommerce B2B edition that favors your business. Let us explore the top 10 reasons supporting the BigCommerce B2B platform as the perfect choice for Ecommerce.

Why BigCommerce Is A Preferable B2B Ecommerce Platform?- Here Are The 10 Reasons!

1. Easiest Onboarding Experience:

If you plan to launch a business website, look for the most effortless onboarding possible. BigCommerce offers the most straightforward, easiest, and quickest launch of an Ecommerce business website.

Moreover, you don’t need to have detailed technical knowledge to work with BigCommerce. Even if you are a beginner, you can still have a fully functional and impressive Ecommerce business website with BigCommerce.

2. Seamless Management:

Another essential reason to choose the BigCommerce B2B platform for your Ecommerce business is the offered seamless management. You can easily rely on the platform to manage your products, orders, returns, and customers.

BigCommerce is a customer-centric platform, so it can easily segment customers based on their choices. Thanks to this, businesses can easily recommend the right products and offers to the specific audience base.

Additionally, the B2B edition BigCommerce helps customers to filter their choices using brands, prices, reviews, etc. It upgrades the overall shopping experience for the customers.

3. SEO Compatibility:

Needless to say, the BigCommerce B2B features are SEO-compatible. In a highly competitive business space, keeping your Ecommerce store compatible with SEO only adds to its strength. Moreover, it also supports significant Ecommerce growth without any complications.

Besides optimizing the titles and URLs, you can add SEO-optimized descriptions for the products, services, and offers. It helps in attracting the right targeted audience base for the business.

4. Open Source SaaS Ecommerce Platform:

One of the best reasons to choose BigCommerce as your B2B Ecommerce platform is that it is an open-source SaaS model. It combines flexibility and freedom for businesses along with the reliability of the SaaS model.

As a SaaS model, it automatically integrates hosting, updates, security, maintenance, 24/7 support, and customization. You can add all the desired ready-to-use features to your online store at a minimal cost and record time. You can also choose the desired features according to the BigCommerce B2B pricing model variations.

5. Instant Customizations:

If you want your business Ecommerce store to be a certain way, embracing instant customizations with BigCommerce is possible. The platform supports a headless architectural model backed by Application Programming Interface (API). Thanks to this, the same content can be made available to the website, apps, and other services.

The BigCommerce B2B platform also supports predefined themes. Customized themes enhance the chances of higher visibility and profitability without compromising creativity and innovation.

6. Omnichannel Approach:

Would you believe that with the BigCommerce B2B edition, it is possible to design a sales strategy for multiple channels? If this excites you, BigCommerce can make it happen in reality.

BigCommerce automatically integrates with different online and offline channels. This helps sell across multiple channels and offers a consistent and appealing brand experience everywhere.

This trend started during the COVID-19 times and still exists for businesses. Moreover, many businesses have shown interest to embrace the omnichannel approach in the future. Thus, it is better to be well-prepared in advance for this emerging trend with the B2B edition BigCommerce.

7. 24/7 Support Center:

If you need any help or assistance with BigCommerce B2B features, the platform ensures a 24/7 support center. The center is divided into many sections to provide the needed ease for finding the relevant solution.

Moreover, if you still can’t find the required solution with the support center, you can reach 24/7 technical support. The expert professionals are available via calls, chats, emails, etc. BigCommerce can be completely trusted to get all the help and assistance to optimize your business to improve its performance.

8. BigCommerce Security:

When developing and launching an Ecommerce store, you cannot overlook its safety and security. The BigCommerce B2B platform has many incredible benefits to ensure maximum security.

Without any second thoughts, Bigcommerce is one of the safest platforms available. The platform follows all the standards to preserve the security of sensitive details. Moreover, it also uses Google Cloud Hosting to upgrade the businesses’ performance, visibility, and profitability.

9. BigCommerce Pricing Options:

There are many options of BigCommerce pricing available to choose from. The businesses can choose the desired one from the available pricing models based on their needs and requirements.

The following are the pricing models available:

  • Standard Plans
  • Plus Plans
  • Pro Plans, and
  • The Enterprise Plans

The standard, plus, and pro plans are available monthly and annually, offering different advantages at lower prices.

The enterprise plan is based on quotations and is chosen by the growing businesses and companies. The prices can easily be customized depending on the situation and need.

10. Different Payment Integrations:

Last but not least, the BigCommerce bundle B2B also supports various payment integrations. After launching your business, you can choose from the various available payment gateways. BigCommerce doesn’t charge additional fees to set up any payment integrations.

Moreover, BigCommerce can be relied on to enjoy faster and more secure payments without any extra installation costs


Be it hosting, security, customization, pricing, integrations, or maintenance, the BigCommerce B2B platform has it all. BigCommerce is the platform that guarantees your business’s performance, growth, visibility, and profitability. It simply optimizes your online business for the better!

So, when are you relying on these BigCommerce B2B features for your business? For any more details, connect with us in the comment section.